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[Sermon]: Understanding How God Leads – Bishop David Oyedepo

Understanding How God Leads – Bishop David Oyedepo

Topic: Understanding How God Leads (Pt. 2)


Allowing God to have His way all the time, keeps you on top of all situations and circumstances.

When God leads you, you enjoy the peace that passes man's understanding.

Allow God to lead you because you do not have the capacity to lead yourself. - Pro. 14:12

Where your obedience stops is where your change of levels stops.

God leads through:

1. His voice behind the Word - Rhema. - Isa. 34:16

God's voice behind His Word, is a booster of faith and a destroyer of doubts. - Ps. 29:3

2. The voice of the Holy Spirit. - 1 Jhn. 5:7, Rom. 8:14

God still speaks today but only men of the Spirit can hear the voice of the Spirit. - Rev. 1:10

We must leave the natural realm to access what the future holds. - Rev. 4:1

The Holy Spirit speaks to direct, instruct, correct and rebuke if you are available.

God never forces anyone to follow His leading; following Him is a choice.

3. The witness of the Spirit. - Rom. 8:16, Acts 16:6-7

The witness of the Spirit is as powerful as the voice of the Spirit because they are both guiding us on the way to go.

Keep feeding your spirit-man with the Word so it can easily pick signals from the Spirit. - Gal. 5:25

4. Access to heavenly visions. - Acts 26:19

5. His sent Prophets. - Lk. 4:24-27  

How to Access Divine Guidance

1. Have a genuine crave to be led. - Isa. 48:17

2. Open up to the revelation of the Word. - Ps. 119:105  

Four Things the Word Does:

1. It shows you principles

2. It corrects your doings

3. It rebukes you

4. It instructs you

Proofs of being Led by the Spirit

1. You enjoy a pressure-free life.

2.  You enjoy fullness of joy.    

The Word of God shows you the principles required to make your life meaningful.

The Word of God corrects you when you are going off course; it rebukes you when it looks like you are deaf and it instructs you.

Encounter with Destiny Ministration

- Every child of God is ordained as a child of destiny. Rom 8:29-30

- Our redemption is a product of God's predestination.

To Realize and Fulfill Destiny:

1. Have a genuine heart for God and the interest of His Kingdom. Matt. 6:33

2. Be a lover of the Word.

- You cannot access your inheritance without opening up to the Word. Acts 20:32, 1 Pt 1:3      


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