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JESUS!!! Digital Virus Pandemic - Mike Bamiloye


JESUS!!! Digital Virus Pandemic - Mike Bamiloye

Oh God, Have Mercy! Computers everywhere stopped working. Digital Programs and Downloaded Softwares everywhere stopped functioning.

The FACEBOOK went blank. All stored pictures, all great Write-ups, all Fantastic Posts that had generated thousands of Comments and Likes, all wiped Off OVERNIGHT. INSTAGRAM is not Working. TWITTER, HANGOUT, and ALL crashed. I rushed to the YOUTUBE where all movies were stored, only the HOMEPAGE was opened and it had Frozen, it was not scrolling up or down.

Then I received an Alert on my Phone, my bank has just Credited me with N79m and I almost fainted. 79million NAIRA! From where? What did I sell? Who gave this?

I was walking up and down the living room in shock. 79million! I took up the Courage and called my Accounting Officer. With a shaking voice, I asked her if someone deposited money on my Account. I am scared of Scammers hiding money in my account. She picked the Call immediately and she sounded worried. When I told her the amount I got in my Alert, She spoke instantly. That the Computer System in the Bank has crashed and people are calling the Bank from many places. The Computer was removing people’s money and dumping it in another person’s Account. Crediting People and Debiting People. Now it has completely shut down.

Then. I got another alert sound. I checked my phone, I sweated cold Sweat instantly. My Account was reading N-450,000. And then, another short SMS followed that says: “This is to Acknowledge the payment of the Loan Repayment for the month. Your Outstanding Balance remains N-1,450,000“

JESUS!!! Digital Virus Pandemic - Mike Bamiloye

I slumped on the seat. When did I get the Loan? What Loan? What about my original Balance of N85,000? Reserved in my Account for Car Repair and the Plumber. I called my Account Officer again, her phone was engaged. Then my phone rang. I checked the SMS, It was a Chinese Language. What is going on?

On the Television popped up: BREAKING NEWS !!! “Global Internet Shutdown!” All Automated Transports stops suddenly amid rail lines and tracks. Lifts and Elevators have stopped working in Airports and Other Places Worldwide. Planes could not take off, because Control Towers have shut down for the Air Traffic Controllers. The Passenger Planes in the Air are all Endangered with thousands of people in them.

Supermarket Cash Counters, TV Channels have begun to shut down. Online Radios and TV were all off.  Lights are off. Water Meters are shut off. Many nations would spend the night in darkness.
The Misbehaving Computers in Defense Headquarters of the World Powers: USA, CHINA, RUSSIA, INDIA, ISRAEL, etc had begun to send Warning Signals to their Counterparts. The Military Generals were running around in Emergency Meetings to forestall any triggering of Nuclear Warfare that would send Intercontinental Missiles to other nations.

The Whole World is still battling with the COVID-19 Pandemic. God have mercy on the whole World. But What shall we do? How shall the whole World cope with the more terrible ONE? When the Global Computers CRASHES in the CLOUD. When All Internet Programs get Infected. When the Whole World suddenly wakes up into a more Terrible Pandemic: The Global Internet Shutdown.

May the Lord Deliver the Whole World from Excessive Deadly Wisdom and Self-Destroying Knowledge.


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