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[Sermon + Audio]: Preserved For Signs & Wonders – Pastor Kayode Adeyemo

Preserved For Signs & Wonders By Pastor Kayode Adeyemo

Title: Preserved For Signs & Wonders

Text: Isaiah 8:18


What is Preserve?

It means to take care from getting decayed, spoilt, destroyed or damaged.

Hosea 12:13

What is Sign?

It means a miracle that is contrary to the natural order of things and seen as what only God can do.

What is Wonder?

It means very remarkable.

* Signs and wonder can only be effected by god.

* Feeding the 5, 000. (John 4:46-54)

* Walking on the sea. (John 5:15)

* Casting of the net. (Luke 5:1-11)

* Turning water to wine. (John 2:1-11)

* Stilling the storm.

- The source of every sign and wonder is the Trinity.

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Why You Crave For Signs And Wonders

1.       To reveal the glory of Jesus.

2.       To show us who God is.

3.       To confirm God’s word.

4.       To manifest the kingdom of God.

How To Provoke Signs

1.       Seek God by giving your life to Jesus Christ.

2.       Study and meditate on God’s word.

3.       Ask by faith.

4.       Obedience.

5.       Fasting and prayer.

6.       Sacrificial giving. 2 Kings 4:8

7.       Glorify the God of signs and wonders.

N.B: If you cannot praise God, you cannot experience signs and wonders.

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