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[Sermon]: The Arrows – Pastor Kayode Adeyemo

The Arrows – Pastor Kayode Adeyemo

Title: The Arrows

Text: Psalm. 91:5

An arrow is an injurious weapon that can be fired to anyone at anytime and can cause injury or death. It is a silent weapon that comes to its prey silently.

Categories Of Arrows

1.            Arrow of God. Isaiah 49:2. You are the arrow of God.

Your arrow is broken when you lack love, spirit of faith and hope.

2.            Satan’s arrow. Psalm 11:2.

* These are invincible arrows that are fired by witches, wizard, herbalists and all evil forces.

* Darkness plan evil in the day to execute it at night.

Types Of Arrows

1.            Arrow of affliction. Mark 25:25-30

2.            Arrows of confusion.

3.            Arrow of death.

4.            Arrow of character disorder.

5.            Arrow of devourer.

6.            Arrow of curses.

* All evil or godly arrow can be shot through the words you speak.

Immunity Against Satanic Arrows      

- Belt of truth

- Breastplate of righteousness

- Gospel Feet

- Shield of faith

- Helmet of salvation

Causes Of Arrow

* Sin

* Lies



* Lukewarmness

* Demonic association

* Adultery and fornication

* Jealousy

* Unforgiveness

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