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[Article]: The Joshua Generation – Evang Timothy Babalola

The Joshua Generation – Evang Timothy K Babalola

The lord has been unveiling some hidden truth and profound mysteries to me about the man called Joshua. Was he a prophet ❓I wouldn't know but what I know is that he did the most tremendous miracle in the Holy Book by commanding Nature? He told the sun to stand still and the moon to stop which they paid obeisance respectively to his command! (Joshua 10:12-13) Kai!!!! What an order/height of manifesting in his power and authority.  Prophet Moses had the power to do that but he couldn't because he claimed to know God more than God himself which warranted him to refuse God to do the impossible in the presence of the Israelites. (Numbers 20:1-13).

Let me draw our attention to some things about Moses.  Moses was a man that spoke with God face to face (Exodus 33:11a). After he spoke with God face to face, his face was transformed to fireπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ that people couldn't look at his face including his interpreter. (Exodus 34:29-30).

God confirmed Moses to be more than a Prophet supposedly an Apostle. The only Apostle saw our Lord face to face, Moses excelled in his generation and could be regarded as an Apostle. God said; I speak face to face to Moses and clearly not in riddles, he sees the form of the Lord (Numbers 12:6-8). What height of spiritual intimacy with God. After his death, it was recorded that there has been no prophet in Israel like Moses whom the Lord knew face to face. (Exodus 34:10).

With all his spiritual Maturity and Intimacy, he angered God and didn't get to the Promiseland. (Numbers 20:12).

  I pray we won't fall out of God's will for our lives.

Joshua, on the other hand was growing in power and authority when Moses was manifesting in power. As an Evangelist/Prophetic Teacher, I have seen so many Young ministers that contend and contest with people that they should learn from, what a pity!!!  No wonder they can't manifest in the realm of profound spiritual heights.

Do u know that when Moses went to the mountain for the first 40 days and 40 nights, Joshua was with him? (Exodus 32:17).

It simply means that when God was speaking with Moses, Joshua was in the reflection of God's presence. When God passed in his Glory, the reflection of God's glory got to where Joshua was. Do not forget the reactions of the Israelites when God spoke to them at Mount Sinai, as far as they were to the mountain top where God landed, the presence of God overshadowed them and they heard his voice clearly. his voice was so awed that they thought they would die (Exodus 20:19). This makes it an undoubted fact that Joshua as well encountered God in his awe state on mountain Sinai. Not only that. when God speaks with Moses face to face as one speaks to a friend, Then Moses would return to the camp, but his young aide Joshua son of Nun did not leave the tent. (Exodus 33;11). Let us note the word young aide. The word aide means assistance. as at the time of mention, Joshua wasn't his only assistant, Aaron and Hur were also his assistants(Exodus 17:12) but Joshua was the youngest.

To the Joshua(young) generation and ministers, you have no excuse. When other aides were in the open for recognition, Joshua the young aide was in the presence of God.

Are you always in the open for recognition or in the closet for spiritual Identification, Recognition, Ordination and Pronunciation?

As a young person or minister, grow up!!!! for when you grow up, you stay up but when you jump up, you fall flat and break your back. No wonder so many people and Ministers are no more visible because they can't grow up. Are you growing in the presence of God like Joshua ❓if not, close your door, and cry for help, am sure he will hearken to you.

Are you a platform/pulpit seeker which still operates in the realm of the Tantrums, stop that, instead lock yourself up in the secret place of prayers and studies of the word of God before they lock you out of operation.

When Moses was Manifesting in Power, Joshua was growing in power and authority.

YOU cannot have power if you don't have the giver of power which is Jesus Christ and the sustainer of power which is the Holy Spirit. Confess your sins to God and  am sure he is ready to accept you. If you just confessed your sins to God, congratulations πŸŽ‰and welcome into the family of God.

3 Things You Should Know About The Joshua Generation

1. They tarry in the presence of God for fortification

2. They are strong and courageous

3. They provoke the awe presence of God.

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