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A Letter To My Generation – Evang. Babalola Timothy

A Letter To My Generation By Evang. Babalola Timothy

While I was in the Secret Place, the Lord said to me, Timothy, tell your generation that they are not ready. Mantles are falling and no one is to receive them.

The Lord said to me, son, the mantles available are as many as the sand at the sea shore with no one to receive them. Your generation is after Mundane things, the world has now made the church his abode and what will separate the church from the world is the Power of God which is absent. So many church altars are empty, dry and dead, tell your generation to receive Mantles that are lying in wait for their recipients. whoever makes himself available will be given multiple mantles for they are without users.

Your generation is running after fame, money, popularity, and connection, forgetting the God of all flesh. Tell your generation that they should get prepared because they are the Prophetic and Apostolic generation, that will stand for God in this end-time.

Tell the world that my coming is imminent, but your generation should get themselves fortified in the secret place, instead of seeking podiums.  Intercede for Nigeria against war and bloodshed.

Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Worldwide Watchword For 2022 

My generation, please heed the voice of the Lord, please isolate yourself in the secret place so you will become an authority in the open, please seek God with all your heart and stop running after mundane things.

Who took the Mantle of Joshua? Who took the Mantle of Elisha?

Who took the Mantle Samson?

Who took the Mantle of Daniel?

Who took the Mantle of Jeremiah?

Who took the Mantle Ezekiel?

The Prophetic Mantles are still available for pickup;

Who took the Apostle's Mantles?

Was this how they did it?

Was this what they died for?

The Saints are unhappy because of my generation. Please my generation stay awoke!

 The Joshua Generation – Evang Timothy Babalola

One of the last ancient Prophets in one of the prominent Pentecostal Church is going home, who will take his Mantle?

My generation, please go and tarry, please leave that podium, it is not yet time for you.

Please grow up so you will stay up, please go and become fire, you are a prophesied generation that carries the Grace of the Prophetic and the Apostolic, please go and get yourself locked in the secret place, my generation, go off the social media and go on to his secret place to receive Mantles.

Benefits Of Kingdom Service And Promotion – David Ibiyeomie

My generation, you are the end-time soldiers, go get yourself fortified and start to spread the fire of God because;










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