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[Article]: Serving Tables – Evang. Babalola Timothy

Serving Tables – Evang. Babalola Timothy

TITLE: Serving Tables

TEXT: Acts 6:2, Luke 6:1-7

“Then the twelve called the multitude of the disciples unto them, and said, It is not reason that we should leave the word of God, and serve tables.”  — Acts 6:2 (KJV)


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According to the context of our textual source, Serving Tables means giving oneself to the ministry of hospitality; but should we provide for the needy at the detriment of intimacy with the Lord via Continuous Prayer and Study of the word of God?

I am perplexed, why? not because hospitality is a bad thing, but it is not supposed to be a priority to Men of God above the spreading of the word of God.

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So many men of God are now serving tables instead of serving his Word, they are now deficient in his words, because they gave themselves to serve only tables, sending the spreading of the word of God to extinction.

God's generals that are supposed to be doing exploit for God have turned to servers of food, money and hospitable materials, ignoring the ultimate goal of spreading the word.

No wonder the word is increasing but the utterances aren't powerful!

No wonder  fear is increasing, instead of fire to be spreading;

No wonder pulpits are filled with false testimony, instead of HIS testimonies to be spreading;

No wonder Men of the word are becoming Men of the WORLD;

All these are products of giving oneself wholly to serve tables instead of serving HIS word.

 The Apostles of old knew it was wrong for them to serve tables at the detriment of spreading the word of God, they knew it was a right thing to have servers of tables, they knew it was a right thing to provide for the widows and less privileged but they refused to do it all!

Yes! They refused to do it all.

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But is that the same thing with you today? you already turned yourself to the Alpha and Omega of your Church/Ministry. You want to serve the word and the table together;

Can a servant serve 2 masters, NO!

Serving of Table is a Ministry on its own, you can't do the 2 at the same time, please sir/ma, get servers; You need servers.

No wonder the word of God is not increasing/multiplying at your end, why? simply because you gave yourself to the serving of tables at the detriment of the serving of his word.

It doesn't matter the number of tables you serve, if you don't serve them the word, you would be abandoned when they get a better server.

You need to learn from Jesus Christ, he served the word for 3 days, provided the food and gave his disciples to serve the table. (Matt 15:32-38)

Jesus healed the sick, did all sorts of miracles, but as evening approached, he had compassion on them, provided the food and gave his disciples to serve the table. (Matt 14:15-21)

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Serving the word should be your utmost priority, not serving the tables; if truly you are a disciple of Jesus, then you must be like him to serve the Word, provide the food and give the servers to serve.

Why the Gospel of Jesus spread like wildfire with power is because the Apostles of old refused to serve tables.  

“And the word of God increased, and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly, and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith.”

  — Acts 6:7 (KJV)

Do you know why your church has refused to multiply in strength and people, simply because you refused to spread the word?

You are busy enticing people with money, food, to come worship with you; do you think when they get a better offer they won't have to go?

You are busy serving the tables by sourcing money to furnish people without you furnishing them with the word of God.

The word of God increased in the times of the Apostles of old because they gave themselves to continuous prayer and study of the word,  not to become servers of tables.

People were added to them because they received from the Lord often, to give out the word of God with power.

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Your secret place has been forsaken, your prayer life now has k leg, you devote your time studying strategies on how to build a capacity of 10,000 within 3 months forgetting the manual for multiplication (The Bible), you are busy studying the strategies of how minister A's church is increasing, without asking the one that has commissioned you into ministry.

The Lord has called you to be an Evangelist, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere, but you choose to stay in a conducive Hall praying for people, you aren't doing his work, you are serving tables, instead of serving his word.

Do you know why Miracles seized in your ministry, it's because you refused to continue in the place of Koinonia, you have forsaken your relationship with him by serving tables, instead of serving his word.

some don't even have time to pray and study his word, instead, they have themself listen to messages, don't get me wrong, am not saying it's bad, but doing it often without wanting to hear what the Lord have for you per time in his word is wrong.

Why have you no relationship with God? why are you serving mammon thinking you are serving God?  God that you don't know;  how can you know him? by giving yourself to continuous prayer and study of his words.

You don't have a meeting point with the Lord, you don't have a personal time to hear God and you think you are serving him;

God has made himself available to all that find him, run to him today and stop serving tables.

Jesus is waiting for you, to receive you as a Prodigal son.

Someone is reading this that needed to be on the evangelism field but he's serving tables in a church/ministry, leave before it's too late.

We have so many cold altars today because they have left the place of continuous prayer and the study of the word of God for vain things. Run back to the Lord, go catch fire, run to him let him set you on fire, stop being cold, he needs you hot to propagate his good news.

If you want the word of God to spread like a wildfire in your life and ministry, give yourself to continuous prayer and study of the word of God.

Jesus told Martha in Luke 10:42, Mary has chosen that good part that cannot be taken from her.

When you study HIS word, you understand more of him, and in the understanding of HIS word, you become like him.

 "The more of HIS word you carry is the more of HIM you carry".

Jesus placed more priority on the word than serving tables. For the servers, you don't have to serve all the time, serve at the right time.

Martha's intention was right, but she wanted to serve at the wrong time.

 It is good to serve the tables, but;

#. Who to serve

#. How to serve

#. When to serve

#. Where to serve;

The above point should be fulfilled on God's instructions.

How to Serve Tables

Is serving tables now bad? is it bad to attend to the less privileged and the needy?

It isn't a bad thing to do that, but it is bad for the wrong person to do it.

Who are meant to serve the tables?

The solution is clearly stated in (Acts 6:1-7)

Get people that would do that in your stead, select people of :

1. Honest report

2. Filled with the Holy Ghost

3. People with wisdom,

4. And one that possesses all the characters printed in 1Tim 3:ff.

If you want revival to start from you, quit serving the table as God's Servant, give yourself to vehement prayer and study of the word of God, leave your comfort zone if the Lord has told you to be on the field.

Why we have programs without the manifestations of God's presence is because of a lack of intimacy with the secret place.

 Run to the secret place, stop serving tables and start serving his words.

  If you have been blessed, comment, like, share, and stay glued to this page. Shalom!

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