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List Of 2022 Prophecies By Evangelist Timothy Babalola

List Of 2022 Prophecies By Evangelist Timothy Babalola

Founder of Continental Outreach Ministries International (COMI), Evang Timothy K Babalola has revealed prophecies for 2022.

Evang. Babalola Timothy who is an associate minister in Christ Apostolic Church, Mountain of Salvation urges believers to get closer to God in other to be spared from the impending dangers.

Read 2022 prophecies by Evangelist Timothy Babalola below

For Nigeria

1. Power Switch

2. The Rising of Indomitable Spiritual Armies

3. Government and Military Chaos which could be doused by intense prayers and purity

4. Blessings in Secluded Places of Purity and Righteousness

5. The Intrusion of Agents of destructions

( Famine, Diseases and Death)

6. Aggravated State of Living, with a covenant of ease for those that lean upon him.

7. Inferno in Places of Treasury and Connectivity that can be curtailed with thorough security, proper maintenance and prayers

8. It is going to be pressing than last year

9. Inclined Suicide that can be curtailed with Prayers

10. Clamour of War

For Africa

1. The Emergence of Global Dominance

2. Coexistence to become a formidable force

3. Agricultural Breakthrough

4. Revival breakthrough and dominance.


1. A year to get more intimate with God

2. A year to Keep the Balance with previous terrors

3. A New World Order and Change of Power of Dominance

4. The Discoveries of Sea and Land Monsters


1. A year of Advancement and Expansion

2. A year of all round settlement

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