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Evang. Babalola Timothy Releases Prophecies For 2021

Evang. Babalola Timothy Releases Prophecies For 2021

President of Continental Outreach Ministries International (COMI), Evang Timothy K Babalola has revealed prophecies about 2021.

Evang. Babalola Timothy who is an associate minister in Christ Apostolic Church, Mountain of Salvation urges Christians to believe more in the Lord and have a fresh encounter with him instead of practicing religion.

Below is Evang. Timothy Babalola’s prophecies for 2021

1. Plague and Pestilence in the world

2. Famine(Scarcity of food items) in Africa for 3 years

3. Relegation of people in both secular and spiritual authorities in Nigeria

4. The Tearing apart of Religious practices and Establishment of Kingdom Liturgies

5. The Pulling down of strongholds

6. The Establishment of Justice

7. Vindication for the Righteous

8. Paradigm Shift of Power and Authority in Nigeria.

Jesus Christ is the only visa to live a peaceful life. The world is at the beginning of the end; so, therefore, the world cannot get better because the Scripture must be fulfilled, he stated. Psalm 91 is this year's anchor for protection.

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